Some of you do not have a Credit Card or do not wish to us it, so here is another option to Join.

You can make your payment using your Pay Pal Account, the same system that we use for selling the Bikinis in our Store. This is NOT Automatic like using the other payment method as we have to manually enter your information to create your account, (that is why it costs $5.00 more)

We will have your membership set up the same day if your order arrives during our ab-normal business hours and we will do in a timely manner during non-business hours. If you like you can even message us and let us know what you would like for your username & password.

This is a 'one-time' payment, we DO NOT re-bill you when your membership expires, we want you to come back on your own. If you do not want to purchase a membership, just purchase a something from our store (Over $25.00) and we will give you at least a Free Month if you message and ask.

If you are charged Shipping or Sales Tax I will refund it, (its turned off but sometimes it goes through).

Bikini Doll Membership