September 2nd, 2016

Happy Labor Day to our current/previous customers, fans & friends.

If you are wondering if this will be another blatant attempt to increase sales then you would be correct....But lets do something different with this blog.

I will have a Q & A with myself, live from the Shipping Department.

WCB - What have we been up to, or what is new at WCB?

Kyle - Glad you asked as we launched a New Product line Last month called Bloomies, they are Panties designed, made and worn by Women so they will be pretty & comfortable. Because lets face it, sweat shops, children and machines don't make the best clothes.

WCB - So what is the big deal, everyone makes panties, can't people just go to that mall and purchase 5 pairs for $25.00 and yours start at $15.00 each?

Kyle - That's another good question, people that purchase those mall panties should not shop here or at least try just one pair of ours. Will we lock them in after one pair because our Bloomies lead to multiple orgasms, an attentive spouse and make 10 pounds just disappear? No there is nothing special about them, they are just lace, elastic and magic.

WCB - Seriously, what is 'Magical' about your Bloomies??

Kyle - Lets say a customer buys one pair from us and likes them enough to get a second or more pairs, here is the magical part. We use the standard sizing chart that everyone uses, but no two women are the same size, (I have checked) Before that customer places their order they use our contact page and we custom make the rest of their Bloomies to fit their body. Once they wear one pair of our Bloomies they now know what they need for best possible fit, like add a half inch around the waist, shrink the triangle, make that string that know where... a little shorter, see Magical Bloomies.

WCB - Wait, this sounds like a custom order and you charge more for custom work, will there be a magical price increase too?

Kyle - Nope, the prices are set, the design is complete, and x-small costs the same as x-large. We don't have sweat shop labor just making size small all day long in pink lace. When you order, we make your item so if we have to add or subtract material it does not matter as the design is made, we just cut the material, grab the elastic, insert the magic and make it happen. I will be putting a drawing up that customers can print, mark-up and send back to us showing how they want their Bloomies made, nothing fancy, just a couple circles and triangles to make this easier.

WCB - Business today don't have time to talk to customers and have elaborate systems in place to make customers give up before they reach a human, what is so special about your Customer Service.

Kyle - Simple, the phone rings and we answer it, sometimes we miss the call during business hours but leave a message we will call back. We use iPhone's and they go everywhere and is real easy to listen to message and call back. We also have a hard wired land line for talk and fax (yes we fax still) and we can also Skype or face time, even e-mail. What ever is the best option for the customer.

WCB - So if you custom size your Bloomies, why don't you do that for everything else?

Kyle - We will custom size everything we make at no extra charge, the extra charge comes when we have to add something that is not part of that design, like turning a thong into a full coverage bottom. $10.00 is not a lot for a custom and does not cover the change, but it does add to he pizza fund for the extra hours worked.

WCB - What's the deal with not having a built up supply, I mean why do customers have to wait to get their order shipped?

Kyle - Everybody else makes (purchases) a 'lot' of bikinis and they come in a few colors or patterns and they sell them at a higher price until the numbers get low and then they have a discount sale to get rid of the remaining few. Most come from sweat shops or child labor locations and we will not do that. As we make everything in house we offer all colors, prints, materials to all bikinis with very few exceptions. For example you cannot make strings with Micro Mesh and you cannot have a lace invisible bikini. So in a nutshell, if you want a small 903 in leopard with a medium Bimini top in neon yellow with purple strings, just ask, we will make it just for you, lined or unlined.

WCB - What's the deal with all the nudity and a members section, you're a store?

Kyle - Nudity gains notice, if it did not we would not have it. The members section is to get the non-bikini customers to pay for all the bandwidth that a store with over 250 bikini options uses, and it pays for the models. Bikini Customers get free access to the members section if they ask for it.

WCB - These questions sound like a sales pitch, anything else that you would like to ad?

Kyle - Yes, we may cost more than some stores but we make up the difference in an Excellent Product, Customer Service and Made in the USA.

WCB - Final question, do you feel strange interviewing yourself?

Kyle - A little, but did I mention we make Bloomies?

Did I mention that we are having a Labor Day Sale? All bikinis purchased between now and September 5th 2016 @23:59 hours (11;59 PM PST) we will refund you 15% via Pay Pal. if you prefer just drop us a message with your list and we will invoice you with the 15% deducted.

Thank You for being customers, fans & friends,

Susan & Kyle Esse Owners of West Coast Bikini