November 13, 2016

**WARNING**, the below message is the truth

I just spent the last week lowering about 95% of the bikini & top prices by about 10%, but don't get too exited as the prices on about 5 items was raised.

You may ask why I did this instead of just putting everything on sale. Maybe we have had a good year, or this is another blatant attempt to increase sales, like a Jedi mind trick where I tell you 'this is the bikini you are looking for'. Maybe someone is having a medical 'procedure' in February and we need to pay for it. 'There are two bikinis that you need this month', said I, as I waved my hand toward you...... I got off track there, but basically: I lowered prices, deal with it. Were having a good year, Thank You. Still Made in America, yea team! We don't sell 'off the rack' goods, everything is custom.

We are also pushing measurements, watch the videos and give us your measurements so we can make the fit even better.

If you cannot find the video clips on the site for the measurements, then maybe.........

Guy's, if this is a gift, all you have to do is wait until you are alone and go to their lingerie drawer and read the sizes off the tags. ONLY do this if you are fully dressed, if you are half naked there is nothing you can say to resolve getting caught with her bra and panties in hand, you have been warned! 'Here is the bikini that you want'.....

If you have read this far Thank You again for being a WCB Friend, Fan & Customer. Now visit the site and go shopping as I have hidden the car keys and the TV remote.


Thank You for being customers, fans & friends,

Susan & Kyle Esse Owners of West Coast Bikini